Checking the print-cartridge life

Checking the print-cartridge life

You can check the print-cartridge life using the printer control panel, the embedded Web server, printer software, the HP ToolboxFX, or HP Web Jetadmin software. Check the supplies gauge on the printer control panel for approximate supply levels.

Printer display

HP color laserjet 2700 bgu cp02 Checking the print cartridge life

1 Message/Prompt area
2 Supplies gauge
3 Print cartridge colors from left to right: black, yellow, cyan, and magenta

For more precise levels, follow the instructions in the table below to print a supplies status page.

Device Procedure
Printer control panel
1. Press OK.
2. Press > to highlight Reports, and then press OK.
3. Press > to highlight Supplies status, and then press OK.
The HP ToolboxFX In the Status tab, click Supplies Status to open the supplies status page.
Embedded Web server
1. In your browser, enter the IP address for the printer home page and press Enter to open the printer status page. See Using the embedded Web server.
2. On the left side of the screen, click Supplies Status to open the supplies status page.
HP color laserjet 2700 note Checking the print cartridge life NOTE

The IP address is found on the printer network configuration page. See Using printer information pages.

HP Web Jetadmin In HP Web Jetadmin, select the printer device. The device status page shows print cartridge information.
HP color laserjet 2700 Checking the print-cartridge life