Using the embedded Web server

Using the embedded Web server

When the printer is connected to the network, the embedded Web server is automatically available. You can open the embedded Web server from Windows 95 and later.

HP color laserjet 2700 note Using the embedded Web server NOTE

When the printer is directly connected to a computer, use the HP ToolboxFX to view the printer status.

Use the embedded Web server to view printer and network status and to manage printing functions from your computer instead of from the printer control panel.

View printer control status information
Set the type of paper loaded in each tray
Determine the remaining life on all supplies and order new ones
View and change tray configurations
View and change the printer settings
View and print internal pages
View and change network configuration
View support content that is specific to the current state of the printer
Restrict access to color-printing features

To use the embedded Web server, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Netscape Navigator 7 or later, Safari 1.2 or later, Konqueror 3.2 or later, Firefox 1.0 or later, Mozilla 1.6 or later, or Opera 7 or later. The embedded Web server works when the printer is connected to an IP-based network. The embedded Web server does not support IPX-based or AppleTalk printer connections. You do not need Internet access to open and use the embedded Web server.

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HP color laserjet 2700 Using the embedded Web server